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2022 Recipient – Anja Frohnsdorf

In partnership with the Douglas College Foundation

Anja Frohnsdorf is a 20 year old, Vancouver-based producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and audio engineer. For as long as she can remember, Anja has been enamoured by music, and she did anything she could to get her hands into it. She did theatre, choir, concert band, and taught herself any instrument she could find. She is a self-produced recording musician, having released her debut EP “The Mess We Make” in May of 2020, and her debut full-length album “Eulogy” is set to release in the Fall of 2022. Since joining the Douglas College Music Technology Program, she has launched her career in producing and mixing under her studio, WILDSMOKE Studios. Anja is moved most by the idea of telling story through music both lyrically, and sonically, and she hopes her music can connect with listeners both aesthetically and emotionally.

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