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Artist Residencies

The program is open to established and emerging artists living and/or working in New Westminster.

Residencies serve as an educational forum for people in New Westminster and surrounding communities.

This is an artist development program and there is no requirement to be an established or professional artist. The program is an opportunity to develop as an artist; no previous experience is expected.

Arts New West wishes to highlight how diverse our community is and to break down any exclusionary barriers and create a platform for marginalised voices, artists on the LGBTQ2SIA+ spectrum, non-binary artists, artists of colour, Indigenous artists, and disabled artists, are strongly encouraged to submit.

Online Residencies

The Arts Council of New Westminster (ACNW) Online Artist-In-Residence program aims to reflect both the cultural and artistic diversity of contemporary art and to serve as an educational forum for the citizens of New Westminster and surrounding communities. The program features a variety of disciplines by a wide range of artists from New Westminster. Selected artists range from established to emerging artists living and/or working in New Westminster.

The ACNW provides local New Westminster artists with the opportunity to access our online assets (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) to showcase their creative work with the community through an Online Artist in Residence Program. The residency program is a virtual space for artists to explore and create art, engage with the community and have time and space for experimenting on something new. This residency is a self-directed presentation of the artist’s artistic practice and output. The program is not project-driven; therefore, artists have the freedom to occupy this space in a way that fits their creative expression.

Queens Park Residencies

Arts New West operates a picturesque gallery in the Centennial Lodge, Queen’s Park, known as The Gallery at Queen’s Park, which features a wide range of visual arts by local and emerging artists in exhibitions.

Arts New West seeks to provide New Westminster artists and local not-for-profit arts organizations with the opportunity to use the Lower Studio space in The Gallery free of charge in exchange for a weekly public programming event (approx 1-2 hours) that engages the community (online or physically distant in-person). Collaborations between artists and community groups are welcome.

Selected artists and organizations have 24-hour non-exclusive access to the Lower Studio space.

As a community gallery, the gallery’s opening hours are maintained by volunteer staff, therefore the Artist-in-Residence will be expected to work collaboratively within the operations of the Gallery for the duration of their residency.


Arts New West does not charge artists for artist-in-residence program, nor does it pay an artist to participate.n honorarium of $150 is provided for public programming during the residency.The program does not provide funding for supplies, but selected artists will have access to materials and equipment on hand within the Gallery at Queen’s Park.

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