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2022 Recipient – Elena Massing

In partnership with New Westminster Secondary School

As a member of the NWSS Senior Jazz Band, Vocal Jazz, and Chamber Choir, Elena has become well-versed in many musical styles. Early in high school, she was selected for a department award by her choir director due to her discipline, skill, and dedication to the program. She was also a cast member in the NWSS production of Beauty and the Beast, as well as the musical revue What Is Love?

In addition to her participation in the NWSS music program, she has taken private lessons in violin, guitar, and voice from a very young age. She represented NWSS in the BCMEA Honour Concert Choir, where she collaborated with top youth choral singers, and worked with one of Canada’s best choral directors to learn and perform challenging vocal arrangements.

As an IB student, Elena has always challenged herself academically. She has consistently made an effort to empower her peers to enact positive change within NWSS. In order to showcase literary talent and build connections within such a huge school, she founded a student newspaper, and has been working as its Editor-in-Chief for the past three years. She will also be representing her graduating class as the Valedictorian.

Elena currently holds a teaching position at Kabok Music School, where she teaches classical voice technique to beginner students. Her musical knowledge will play an integral role in the field that she aims to pursue, which is to practice as a speech-language pathologist.

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