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Lex Ireton – “Repeat After Me: An Exploration of Pattern” – August 1-26, 2018

The Arts Council of New Westminster presents:

“Repeat After Me: An Exploration of Pattern”
by Lex Ireton

Exhibition Dates: August 1 – 26, 2018

Opening Reception: Wednesday, August 1, 6-8pm

Artist Talk: Sunday, August 12, 3-4pm

Free Admission.

Exhibition Statement

Lex Ireton’s glass work is heavily process oriented, where she explores her love of connecting with the material hands on. This invites constant learning of new techniques and embracing, even enhancing the phenomenon that occur when dealing with glass. Many of Ireton’s ideas evolve through working in the hot shop; always starting with a plan but reacting to the material step by step, knowing each moment has the potential to be a finished object. 

Ireton draws inspiration from patterns occurring in the natural world. Ornamentation is laid out or carved into the glass in a very controlled manner. She can then encourage outside forces to affect the materials intrinsic qualities to create spontaneous effects on the pattern, manipulating a recognizable pattern to be as representational or abstract as she wants. Markings become fluid, stretching and moving in different ways depending on the softness of each colour, the addition of air and amount of heat. 

Ireton explores the relationship between individual forms and how they interact with one another to create a united end product. By using repetition in pattern, texture, or components that make up a final piece, Ireton focuses on the connections created and how they inform the work as a whole. Working in multiples allows the finished version to be easily manipulated by the artist and the viewer, incorporating an element of play and the ability for the work to continue to change. Ireton also enjoys using the qualities of two different materials to interact with one another so they create either an opposing or reinforcing visual relationship. Relationships that form from the communication of different elements anthropomorphize the objects and bring in a social element. 

Artists Bio

Lex Ireton was born in the Kootenays and raised in New Westminster. Attending Capilano University from 2008-2011 she dabbled in printmaking, ceramics, painting, drawing and sculpture. After moving to Calgary in 2011 to study at ACAD she discovered glass and that has been the primary material ever since. Graduating with a BFA in 2014 Lex continues to travel back and forth across Canada working as a studio assistant while continuing to build her own body of work.

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