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Arthur Babiarz & Olga Turok – Elements & Arraygraphy – March 6 – 31, 2019

The Gallery at Queen’s Park presents:

“Elements & Arraygraphy”
by Arthur Babiarz & Olga Turok

Exhibition Dates: March 6 – 31, 2019
Opening Reception: Wednesday, March 6, 2019, 6-8pm
Artist Talk: Sunday, March 17, 2019, 3-4pm

Free Admission.

Exhibition Statement

Arthur Babiarz  Arraygraphy is Arthur’s bona fide creation. These poly-form compositions resemble concertos of shape, colour, texture and direction. A comparison to music is intentional. As with the arrangement of musical tones, Arraygraphy creatively disperses abstract elements to stimulate the viewer. Multi-layered composition adds both complexity and depth to this two-dimensional artwork, heightening the overall expressive qualities of each piece.
Arraygraphy’s style is intended to positively stimulate the viewer’s imagination, guiding emotions through the meanderings of an intriguing visual plot. The experience can evoke the sense of participation in an improvisational play, or venturing into the shifting patterns of jazz or classical music.
The artist’s aim is to create, within a universal visual language, thought-provoking work that speaks to creative and active people who live and work in a modern multicultural society. “Art is an inspiration that matters,” he says.

Olga Turok finds tremendous enjoyment in the process of transforming raw organic material into a fine art object. Every vessel gains its own story, meaning and purpose. It is the magic of this transformation that Olga wishes to share with others, as well as her passion for art.

Artist Bio

Since childhood, Arthur Babiarz has been interested in art and photography. His drawings, paintings, and later design work were often influenced by that medium, and Arthur considers his camera, which he always carries with him, his “vision extension.”
Born and raised in Poland, where he studied fine art and design, Arthur subsequently received his MFA degree. His image creation skills are applied to both his professional and artistic activities. In Canada, as a university level visual art and graphic design instructor, Arthur also teaches computer graphics, digital photography and post-production editing.

Olga Turok discovered clay in 1975 and soon realized that it would be her artistic passion. She finds working with this material healing, meditative and fulfilling, and becomes inspired on outdoor excursions where she connects with nature.
Olga is a self-taught potter and also a watercolourist. Clay is her main medium for the creation of both functional and decorative pottery. She enjoys hand-building and throwing pots for burnishing, and sawdust firing by hot smoke. Elsa also sculpts structures that she calls “My Vancouver.”
Working on her pots makes Olga feel grounded and connected to the Earth. Every vessel undergoes a long process of creation, which involves the four elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth.
As a member of Artists in Our Midst, Point Grey Potters, and the Potters Guild of BC, Olga participates in many community events and shows.

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