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Artist Profile: Etienne Siew

Etienne sits in an open field with mountains and forests in the background. His is wearing a brown hat, blue dress shirt and grey scarf, with brown pants. He is holding his guitar and smiling. The Arts New West logo is featured. Text reads: Artist Profile, Etienne Siew

“Chasing Dreams” Album Launch
Date: June 20
Location: Evergreen Cultural Centre
Time: Doors 7 PM
Tickets: Get them here!

About Etienne

Etienne Siew is an Alternative Folk/Roots Artist, whose guitar melodies and lyrics paint a picturesque bridge between the beauty in B.C., and the listener. His deeply reflective narratives speak about the resilience and perseverance he has found, while pursuing his dreams as a singer-songwriter.

He leans into his ancestry as an artist of Caribbean and British Heritage, to relay stories of connection and empathy that people from all walks of life can relate to.

Etienne has performed Internationally, and his authenticity as a song-writer has been recognized numerous times, including the distinction of the Country/Roots Artist of the Year and Top Fan Vote at the 2021 Fraser Valley Music Awards.

His winding path from Kinesiologist/coach to singer-songwriter is reflected in his upcoming debut album “Chasing Dreams.” In this project, Etienne aims to share his reflections as an independent artist and explores the themes of healing, empathy, resilience and social and environmental justice, which were amplified during the wake of the pandemic.

Etienne’s Vocals and Guitar set him apart from the masses. The room quiets to listen when he sings, like hearing the first Song Sparrow in early spring. Unique, connected, inimitable, beautiful

Pam Burns, Professional emcee/Music Coordinator, 2022

Whether he is performing in a theater, or near a campfire, his blend of warm guitar melodies, and powerful vocals will speak to your heart and make you feel as though you are walking beside him in his stories.

Etienne runs through a grassy field while carrying his guitar

Album Release

Etienne Siew’s album “Chasing Dreams,” is a 12 song catalogue of acoustic stories, outlining the winding, challenging and rewarding path of a singer-songwriter.

During the wake of the pandemic, when live performance ground to a halt, Etienne took his guitar and note pad to various forests and rivers throughout Vancouver and spent many months in reflection.

Within the silence, he found an outpouring of inspiration as he reflected on the resilience it takes to be an artist, the challenges and messages of hope, growing up with a diverse cultural background, and the connection we have with our environment.

Many of the songs will be supported by various visual pieces, to immerse the audience in the album and to encourage reflection of one’s own experiences with the themes.

Buy tickets via the Evergreen Cultural Centre!

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