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Arts New West Artist Profile: Tian Dai

An abstract wash of green and yellow across white paper. Fine black pen lines define further abstract shapes that appear organic in nature.

My artistic endeavors aim to delve into the realms between reality and chaotic abstraction.

The intention is to prompt viewers to contemplate and resonate with the presented concepts. Watercolor serves as a medium through which color is liberated to meander, giving rise to unbridled images, be they reminiscent of clouds, flower-laden ponds, or other enigmatic forms. These creations offer narratives untethered by familiarity, inviting spectators to interpret them without constraint. In the interplay, ink lines weave through the colors, and, at this juncture, I strive to assume the role of a mere observer, envisioning the myriad stories that unfold without the imposition of predetermined control.

Echoing the Buddhist philosophy “impermanence” , what we saw may not be true and forever. What we need to present is part of the truth from nature and the other part is my interpretation of the truth of nature. It is like Wabi Sabi’s aesthetic, “Beauty in imperfection”. Maybe the Imperfection is a perfection.

In 1994, I completed my studies at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in China. Subsequently, in 2008, I immigrated to Canada and earned a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. Becoming Buddhist in 2010, In 2016, I became a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

Currently, 2023 BCLNA member. I am dedicating more time to my artistic pursuits.

You can see more of Tian’s work on her website.

Or see her work in person at the Gallery at Queen’s Park, as part of the exhibition ‘The Natural Flow Meets Art’.

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