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Arts New West Artist Profile: Paul Newton

Introducing Paul Newton, an internationally acclaimed photographer based in New Westminster, British Columbia.

With a passion for haunting and evocative imagery, Paul’s artistic journey has taken him to discover captivating locations worldwide. Through his lens, he skillfully captures the essence of these places, transporting viewers to new worlds of wonder.

Drawing inspiration from a wide spectrum of subjects, Paul’s photographs encompass a diverse range of themes. From the rugged, windswept coastlines of Iceland to the misty forests of the Pacific Northwest, and even the forgotten brutalist monuments of Eastern Europe, each image tells a unique story. With a strong focus on narrative and escapism, Paul’s photographs invite viewers to escape into realms of imagination while keeping one foot grounded in reality.

Employing a variety of techniques, both in-camera and through digital artistry, Paul creates mesmerizing visuals that transcend the boundaries of traditional photography. His photographs become gateways to alternative dimensions, encouraging viewers to explore new perspectives and question the limits of their own imagination.

Paul’s talent and dedication have not gone unnoticed. In 2022, he achieved international recognition by taking home the gold in the non-professional Architectural category at the prestigious International Photography Awards in New York. This accolade is a testament to his skills and artistic vision.

Having started his photographic journey at the age of 14, Paul’s passion for the craft only grew stronger with time. After receiving formal training in analog photography and darkroom processing, he eagerly embraced the digital age, which allowed him to push the boundaries of his imagination even further. Regardless of the technology employed, it is the ability to capture the essence of a moment in time that continues to fuel Paul’s love for the photographic medium.

Looking ahead, Paul’s aspirations as a photographer are ambitious. He seeks to expand his creative horizons, constantly seeking out new destinations and subject matter to explore through his lens. With each image, he aims to evoke emotions, transport viewers to distant lands, and inspire them to embrace the limitless possibilities of their own imagination.

In Paul Newton’s world of photography, every frame holds the power to ignite curiosity, stir emotions, and offer an escape into the realm of wonder. Through his distinct perspective and unwavering dedication to his craft, he strives to make a lasting impact on viewers, allowing them to experience the magic of his imagery and discover their own narratives within his captivating photographs.

Visit the Community Art Gallery in the Anvil Centre to see Paul’s work as part of the Fusion Perspectives exhibit.

To see more of Paul’s work, visit his website.

Photo courtesy of Victoria Mitchell.

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