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Call for Artists – Expressions of Interest – By Queensborough Special Programs Committee

Project: Ewen Avenue Mural Project/ Mazarine Lodge Mural Project/ Inclusion and Community

Please send us a Notice of your Interest in submitting a concept or draft for a mural to be applied to the side of the Mazarine Lodge on Ewen Ave, in Queensborough, New Westminster, BC. Please include a letter outlining who you are, your interest in the project and examples of past relevant experience as well as images of past projects, and any other information about your process.Extra consideration will be given for a description of how or if you would lead a format whereby the community can be engaged in the implementation of the project. ie application of some paint, providing some imagery, workshop etc. Extra consideration will also be given to Artists who live or work in New Westminster.

Expression of Interest should be submitted by Sunday, October 24, 2021.
Email submissions to:

Details: The theme will be Community and Inclusion. We are looking for a bright and meaningful image. Artist will choose the process, it can be a painted, a digital printed image, or other. The mural frame will consist of 4 landscape panels 8’ wide by 4’ high, stacked to create one image 8’ wide by 16’ tall. (There is the possibility of future addition of 2 more frames.) This is the first large art project undertaken in Queensborough and we look forward to having something that brings us all together and uplifts our souls.

Concept: From all submissions/expressions of interest, a short list of 3-5 artists will be contacted, on or around October 27th, to provide a concept or draft. We will provide to those artists a collection of community submissions to perhaps but not necessarily inform their concept. There will be a $353 honorarium provided to the 3 – 5 artists shortlisted, to cover the cost of providing your concept in a form we can show to the community. You may at any time provide a budget for the final project, this will not inform the decision of the merit of the image, but may help us with the funding process and planning. The concept or draft submission should be submitted November 25th, 2021.

Engagement: All artists concepts will be presented to the community in a display on November 30th at the Queensborough Community Centre. The community will be given the opportunity to comment on each concept, which will then all be presented to a jury of community stakeholders. The feedback will also be provided back to each artist, perhaps but not necessarily to inform the final mural.

Implementation: Once we have chosen the concept and the artist, we will enter into an agreement for renumeration for the final creative and then for implementation. We will provide the substrate (Dibond or similar panel) and the materials, We have a grant from the City of New Westminster for this concept phase. The final creative will be subject to approval by the City of New Westminster, as such there is no guarantee it will be implemented.

Note: by inclusion, we mean of every one, every age, gender, culture, ability and diversity, but this will be displayed on a womens’ residence, so should be sensitive and empowering in every way that art can possibly express to our communal mind, body and spirit.

Thank You for your Consideration
Email any questions to

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