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Call for Committee Members – Visual Arts Committee

The Gallery at Queen’s Park
Call for Committee Members

Interested in making a difference to the New Westminster arts community? Consider volunteering on the Visual Arts Committee or one of its sub-committees.

These committees plan, develop, and facilitate arts activities that engage the public, spark dialogue, and encourage collaboration. Committee members create connections and community through The Gallery at Queen’s Park program. The Visual Arts Committee and its sub-committees also work to improve artists’ networks and build continuity and presence through ongoing involvement in community events.

The Visual Arts Committee are chaired by members of the ACNW board; members are volunteers with professional experience in their fields and are selected through application and interview by a Board appointed committee. Recommended allocations are approved by ACNW’s Board of Directors. 

Committee Members must enjoy working and interacting with people and have a positive attitude. Committee members receive no remuneration for their work but may be reimbursed for authorized expenditures made on behalf of ACNW. The ACNW’s committees and juries reflect the diversity of our city and its evolving arts practices. Maximum term:  3 years.


We are seeking members on the following committees:

1) Visual Arts Committee

2) Installation Sub-Committee

3) Exhibition Selection Sub-Committee

4) Maintenance Sub-Committee

5) Volunteer Sub-Committee

6) Permanent Collection Sub-Committee

Roles and Responsibilities of ANCW Committee Members

Committees support the operations of The Gallery at Queen’s Park program. The committees also broaden and strengthen the Arts Council’s community base. Committee members review program delivery, advise the Board of Directors on the needs of the arts community, and general policy matters. 

Committee members:

  • Attend monthly committee meetings at least six times per year and email the committee chair or event coordinator as needed
  • Attend and support community events at The Gallery at Queens Park. Responsibilities for each event vary depending on the needs of the organizer/artist.
  • Recommend changes in programming/governance to the ACNW Board of Directors
  • Maintain an awareness of the arts community and the changing artistic practices, trends and issues within the discipline
  • Advise on related matters, including the development of new opportunities/needs in the community
  • Promote arts events online (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Committee members are viewed as representatives of the Arts Council of New Westminster and should therefore conduct themselves in an appropriately professional manner, respecting their ACNW responsibilities and obligations and following the Ground Rules for Group Deliberations and Consensus Building as approved by the Board January 2016. Time required is approximately 4-6 hours per month.

Criteria for Committee Membership

Committee members must:

  • Be a member of the Arts Council.
  • Be knowledgeable and experienced in their respective discipline, either as a professional or volunteer.
  • Have no real or perceived bias respecting any special interest group while serving as Committee members.
  • Consider the best interests of the entire community.
  • Be willing and able to make a significant contribution of time during their tenure. 

While the number of formal meetings may not be more than six each year, committee members will need to dedicate of considerable periods of time to review programming, attend events and consult with ACNW staff and other committee members. Time required is approximately 4-6 hours per month.


  • Learn about the various communities in New Westminster; community art practices; local events and artists; and environmental art.
  • Meet and work with lots of great people and for a great organization.
  • Receive a free seasons pass to our Last Monday at the Movies program.

How to Apply

To apply for a volunteer role, please send your information to with “Visual Arts Committee” in the subject line. Please include your resume and a statement as to why you are interested in the arts and which committee you are interested in.

To download a copy of this Call as a PDF, click here

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