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Celebrating Black History Month: Sophie Usherwood

Arts New West is celebrating Black History month by highlighting some of the talented artists and makers we get to work with throughout the year.

Sophie Usherwood is a long time New West Craft participant. Sophie is a local maker and business owner.

Artist Profile

Hi! I’m Sophie, founder of PhiloSophie Hair.

At the most challenging point in my life, I experienced significant hair thinning and excessive hair fall. It was a horrifying experience.

Determined to find a solution, I embarked on extensive research to discover the best natural oils for hair growth.

PhiloSophie Hair GRO Moisturizing Oil was created to assist in increasing hair growth, strength, and retaining moisture.

Add a few drops of Philosophie Hair GRO Moisturizing Hair Oil to your shampoo and conditional. Not only does GRO protect your hair from damage; it conditions, nourishes, promotes hair growth, retains hair length, and is suitable for all hair types.

To learn more about Sophie, visit her website!

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