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Cultural Capital – The Meeting

A modern dance eventIt was a busy week and many of us had more than one event to be at that evening. So we were quite happy that close to 100 attended the Arts Capital meeting. After a PowerPoint presentation giving an overview, there was a lively question and answer session.

The key take-away point of the meeting was that the Call for Ideas deadline is April 20! That really leaves us as artists and arts groups with very little time.

As a reminder, if the bid to be a Cultural Capital is successful, it would mean an injection of $1 000 000 into New Westminster – not only in 2014, but it will have an ongoing legacy for years to come. Surely that is worth putting some effort into!

If you have any potential event or project in mind, do not hesitate to come and discuss. Don’t be scared to think big!

If you missed the meeting you can find:

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