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Previous Exhibition – 21 Elements

Pop Star by Lam WongThe Arts Council presents the exhibition “21 Elements” by artist Lam Wong
September 2 – 27, 2014
Opening Reception: Sunday Sept 7, 2 – 4pm

“What do we really see when we see art?”
“In what ways, do we influenced by our memory, subconsciousness, personal bias, and  social cultural conditioning?”

These are some of the questions being explored behind the 21 Elements painting  exhibition. Lam Wong invites you to join him in his private investigation into the mysteries of memory and perception as they relate to art objects and their viewers.

21 Elements  is an exhibition of oil paintings completed in the last eight years which serve as a self-referential  exploration of what constitutes a person’s reality with an aim to delve deeper  into the meaning and process of creating art.

Artist Biography

“There is so much in this world that I don’t understand and have little or no control over:  time, space, memory, perception, reality, phenomenon, relationships, meaning, lust, art,  human consciousness… there is so much. The subject of my art is the process I take to understand these exigencies of life. I am trying to understand how we all perceive and  construct our realities.”

Born in 1968 to an artistic family in Xiamen, China, Lam Wong came of age in Hong Kong in the 1980s. His father was an expert calligrapher and his mother a pianist. At the age of 19 Lam moved to Canada.

In Alberta and British Columbia he studied design, art history, and painting. Lam has lived and worked in Vancouver since 1998.

As a visual artist,  painting is now Lam’s métier. Lam experiences the creation of his art as a spiritual practice,  where he explores the perception of reality and the meaning and function of art.

Artist Website:

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