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A Different Kind of War

October 7th to 25th in the Arts Council Gallery

Masks and Kimonos by Yayoi Hirano
Artistic Director and Performer
Expressions of her fight with cancer as a performer are captured in photos. Her Masks, the video on how she sculpted them is available to gallery visitors.

Paintings by Elsa Bressler
Artist and Costumer
Elsa painted after she finished all her treatments. Because while recuperating she finally had the time….my “moods”, as she put it, were light because I could finally immerse myself in painting.
As a Costumer she creates beautiful costumes for a plays, shows, or festivity garments. One of her creations is on display.

Photography by Eddy Jalbert
When my father returned triumphantly from the beaches of Normandy in 1944 to our family in Montreal, we could not have known that he had yet to fight his cruelest battle thirty-four years later. He succumbed to lung cancer. As my father’s caregiver, I was a helpless witness to the imperfect and often impersonal process of cancer treatment of the time. In 1979 I vowed, “I want to use my camera to create change.” I would continue to fight the war that my father lost.

My sister, Lyana, was diagnosed with breast cancer and the prospect of losing yet another family member galvanized me to focus my lens to inspire women to fight the fight and celebrate their victories.

Eddy Jalbert is a man on a mission. “If cancer is to be beaten, then we must catch it early.”
Photographer, businessman and creator of “Backs for Breast Cancer”,  Eddy is a graduate of Montreal’s Dawson Institute in Photography. He has worked in commercial photography capturing subjects such as young Celine Dion, Canadian fashion model, Yasmeen Ghauri.

He moved from Montreal to Vancouver in 1993 and practices “Philanthropy Photography” to benefit non-profit organizations such as Friends for Life, Canadian Cancer Foundation, Children’s Hospital etc. He creates his images using both film and digital processes.

For this exhibition Eddy used a Bronica SQ film camera, a Canon Mark II and has produced all of his own black and white prints in his studio darkroom.

Meet the Artists at a reception October 17th, 7 to 9pm

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