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Hold On To The Good

Ghost Shirt (Acrylic on canvas 2'x2.5')You are invited to come and see the explosion of colour at the Arts Council Gallery June 1st to 29th 1 to 5pm. The exhibition is Hold On To The Good by artist Kim Soo Goodtrack.

Artist Kim Soo GoodtrackArtist Statement

A personal philosophy I had to adopt. Life trauma can sometimes be overwhelming. Through life’s trauma I had to hold on the GOOD or be depressed and die. Didn’t want that!

As an Educator one must HOLD ON TO THE GOOD. The word for children in LAKOTA language is SACRDED ONE or WAKANHEJA. As a teacher I always treat the children in a SACRED manner. I always went with LOVE and it worked.

Through the years I have HELD ON TO THE GOOD when it comes to First Nation’s culture. We have so much GOOD to share. Our Culture is rich with WISDOM, SPIRIT and BEAUTY. I try to share always. At times in our community the sadness get stuck in our marrow, that is why we must HOLD ON TO THE GOOD.

I am overly sensitive so it goes, the insanity of humanity is mind boggling. The thoughtless ways we treat each other, the earth, the animals, the water, the trees…my heart aches, PRAYER gets me through…I PRAY and Pray…

When I HOLD ON TO THE GOOD there’s is so much to be happy about, I could fill a thousand papers, HOLD ON TO THE GOOD, peace kimisoo.

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