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Don Smith – “Pencil, Paint and Passion” April 28 – May 23

The Arts Council presents
Pencil, Paint and Passion
by artist Don Smith
April 28th – May 23rd
1 to 5pm Tuesday – Sunday

Artist Philosophy

Perhaps my first and most important objective is to capture, artistically, the “unique”, visual experience that drew me to a particular subject, whatever it happens to be. It is my hope that my artistic interpretation may stimulate some vicarious, inner “stirrings” among observers of my work. To me, visual art is a sensual form of communication, attempting to share a recognizable, frame of reference while capturing selected portions of the magnificent world in which we live. It always fascinates me how a variety of subjects; whatever their seeming simplicity or complexity, can evoke such a range of emotional responses. Not unlike other “artists”, I try to utilize the many ideas and suggestions that I have gleaned from a range of teachers and advisers. However, in review, the result must stimulate within me a feeling of success in accurately portraying my ultimate vision.

At this point in my Art “career”, while my interests have included traditional subjects and media in a “realistic portrayal”, I am not unwilling to “go outside the box” I try to keep abreast of current literature related to the subject. Searching for new ways of expression has also included writing. In that area, I have been fortunate to have had some of my essays printed in commercial magazines. I continue to write essays and attempt to capture the unique, New Westminster environment which has now been my home for almost ten years.


About the Artist

Realizing that art has always been one of my interests since childhood, my parents enrolled me in a regular Saturday program at the Winnipeg Art School while I attended public school. Later, moving to Vancouver to begin High School, I enjoyed the instruction from a highly regarded Art teacher, Leon Manuel. After graduating, I attended Vancouver Normal School in 1953, working enthusiastically with Art instructor, Mr. Ozard in developing my methodology in the teaching of Art at the elementary School level. I also assumed some leadership opportunities under Mr.Ozard which included silk screening and poster work. Although I was recommended for a middle school art teaching position in Oliver, I applied in Vancouver for a teaching position which included art at the elementary level. Other personal professional development included:

Evening classes at the Vancouver Art School( later Emily Carr) – painting and drawing 1955- “A”

Completed Bachelor of Education degree– Secondary 1965 – majors: History and Geography (UBC)

Completed Master of Education degree 1969 – Educational Administration

Completed several community night school courses involving techniques in oils, water colour, pastels, pencils

Taught in the Vancouver school system from 1954 to 1989 – grades 5 to 12 My career included 12 years as an Elementary Vice Principal and 12 years as a Principal

Taught Art at the Elementary level – grade 5 to 7 for over10 years and at the secondary level grades – 8,9 for 3 years As one of two Art teachers, I spent much time on stage productions, backdrops and scenery

Completed two community art courses in water colour when I moved from Vancouver to Maple Ridge in 1992.

2001 – 2009  Neighbourhood Art Studios(Langley) – Robert T. Barrett A.S.O.P.A. – completed and framed  over 60 paintings (oil, water colour pastel, pencil} under Mr. Barrett’s instruction and guidance. 2009 – 2015 – I have had the pleasure of trying to capture examples of my river front community near my New Westminster abode on the Quay.. In retrospect, looking back over my few years as a visual artist, I realize the wisdom of careful examination of potential subjects in one’s immediate environment as opposed to the notion that one is obliged to seek what lies in other areas. However, beauty does lie in unexpected places, “under one’s nose”, often to the surprise and delight of the explorer.

As a modest writer, I submitted a personal poem related to the “Wait for me, daddy” celebration and was accepted for a special reading in the new Anvil Centre.

Exhibition Preview

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