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Exhibition: “Tangled In Blue” FYBR 2RT

Exhibition Dates: Nov.27,2023 – Jan.24, 2024

Location: Anvil Center Community Art Gallery, 777 Columbia Street, New Westminster

Exhibition Statement

FYBR 2RT is a group of artists, mostly from the lower mainland including New Westminster who meet once a month to share our love and knowledge of fibre art. The group is composed of emerging fibre artists, teachers, authors, and award-winning textile artists.

Many have shown their work nationally and internationally, some winning prestigious awards.

‘Tangled in Blue’ was the broad theme given to the FYBR 2RT group as a challenge after their inaugural exhibit titled, ‘Touch of Orange’.

Each participant interpreted the theme in whatever direction their imagination took hold and the results were astonishing.

An array of fibre techniques including dyeing, painting, printing and image transfers as well as embellishments of beads, buttons, ribbon and metal foils and hand work were skillfully combined to bring this exhibition to fruition.

The artists hope you enjoy these finely crafted works of art as much as they enjoyed designing and constructing the different interpretations for ‘Tangled in Blue’.

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More information on the Community Gallery Website.

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