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Fiona Tang – “Bare” – November 3-28, 2021

The Gallery at Queen’s Park presents:

by Fiona Tang

Exhibition Dates: November 3-28, 2021
Gallery Hours: Wed – Sun, 10 am – 2 pm

Free Admission

Exhibition Statement

“Bare” is a solo art show that offers a unique and intimate experience by local Artist Fiona Tang. Tang invites viewers to discover hidden animals with the use of blacklight flashlights. The show reveals a glimpse into Tang’s mental struggles in the most bare form. 

“Bare” invites viewers to get close and experience the artwork. At first glance, the atmosphere of each drawing seems empty, and bare but the viewers are given the key – a blacklight flashlight, to unlock what’s hidden within each drawing. Through the use of blacklight flashlights, animals emerge from the dark. These hidden animals represent Tang’s mental health condition of feeling trapped with anxiety and depression in the past year. Tang has felt robbed, invisible, and silenced by her own mental health, and the struggles are buried beneath the surface. One that struggles with mental health may look physically healthy, but are unwell inside. Tang is often known for her large-scale drawings of powerful and fierce animals such as tigers, however, this show takes a different approach where the fighting animals are caged in the depths of the drawings.  Come take a dive into the world of invisible. 

Artist Biography

Fiona Tang is a Vancouver-based artist who completed her BFA at Emily Carr University in May 2014 with a Drawing Major. She currently has a working studio in New Westminster at The Gallery at Queen’s Park. Tang often works with charcoal, chalk pastel and acrylic in the style of trompe l’oeil. She frequently uses animals as her subjects and creates big expressive and energetic drawings. Her animal drawings are typically life-size or larger to emphasize the interaction of viewers to her art. Tang has had group shows at the Concourse Gallery, Ayden Gallery, Richmond Art Gallery, The Fall, Anvil Centre, Wood Innovation and Design Centre, Vancouver Lipont Art Centre, dual shows at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Gryphon Musée, and Deer Lake Gallery, and solo shows at Queen’s Park Gallery and City Centre Community Centre. She was also featured in a public art project called “No. 3 Road Art Columns” in Richmond, BC and “Utility Box Art Wrap” in Vancouver, BC.


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