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Gallery Sessions – Bryan Anderson with Yuki Shimono – April 25 2018

The Gallery at Queen’s Park and Bully’s Studios presents
Gallery Sessions
Wednesday April 25, 2018
6:30 – 7:30pm
PAY WHAT YOU CAN $0-7 (at the door)
Featuring Bryan Anderson with Yuki Shimono

Bryan Field Anderson was born in Willowdale, Ontario and now lives in New Westminster, British Columbia. He is a teacher of English as a Second Language at International House Vancouver and a singer/songwriter having produced four albums to date – the first two with Bryan Anderson & The Keys, a third with Beat Seeking Missiles, and a solo album. Bryan likes a good musical project; he says it keeps him focused. From ‘Game On’, a song created to inspire Canadian athletes in Sochi, to ‘On The Edge Of Heaven’, a contest submission for the Rocky Mountaineer, which won him and his wife two first-class tickets on the fabled train, Bryan is always on the lookout for his next project to pour himself into. Bryan’s most recent project saw him switch from piano, his first instrument, to guitar ( an instrument he’s always wanted to play). With his new guitar in hand, Bryan set out to complete his most ambitious project: a song for Canada containing 150 references. His song, aptly titled We’re Canadian, is matched to a video slideshow taking the listener (and/or viewer) on a virtual journey far and wide.

Bryan has receded from the public eye in recent years preferring to work ‘behind the scenes’. He continues to hone his song-writing craft, though, with the hope of finding the right song and selling it to the right artist. April 25 at Queen’s Park will be a rare sighting for anyone wishing to see Bryan live in concert. He is, however, looking forward to the opportunity to share his music with the people of his adopted home.

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