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Gallery Sessions – George T Montrebruno – Jan 31, 2018

The Gallery at Queen’s Park presents
Gallery Sessions
Wednesday January 31, 2018
PAY WHAT YOU CAN $0-7 (at the door)
Featuring George T Montebruno

Coming from a family of music lovers and musicians, and being the youngest of 7 siblings, George grew up in Montreal surrounded by music at all times. From Classical to The Beatles.  His father sang opera and would quiz George daily on what was playing on the radio. Music started popping into his head at a very early age, but didn’t know that it was from his own subconscious or imagination until he was 6. He thought he could sing but due to being a shy child, he did not sing in public until his senior year of high school where he was pushed to participate in a talent show and won 1st place.

At that time, his family moved to Chile, and he started a cover band, but after one show he discarded covers and started playing the dozens of songs he had already written. After writing a couple of hundred songs, he started a band called Beerfly with university mates, which lasted 5 years, made 2 indie albums, and had a large and devoted following. Realizing there was something in those songs, that made people he didn’t even know and that didn’t even know English, sing along to his lyrics at shows, he decided to return to Canada and start again and try from scratch. Which leads to 2Days&Counting, who have been playing together for 7 years. 

George is seen around New West every week hitting any open mic, or having his own solo shows.

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