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Inter/Action – Abhisek Mukherjee – March 15, 2020

The Arts Council of New Westminster presents:

Abhisek Mukherjee

Artist Talk: Sunday, March 15, 2020. 3pm –  4pm


Inter/action is a monthly free public event that facilitates dialogue, practice, and education between the exhibiting artists and members of the community. The programming will be developed and delivered by the artists at The Gallery at Queen’s Park during their exhibition, and will consist of creative events such as artist talks, performance art, theoretical or technical seminars, live drawing/painting, collaborative social practice activities, workshops, or performances. Inter/action: Artist Learning Series encourages the integration of the arts into daily life providing fully hands-on, barrier-free, no-cost art education that promotes intergenerational mentoring opportunities and inclusivity between backgrounds of gender, race, age and ability.


Abhisek Mukherjee was born in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), a pioneering city in Indian renaissance, a place long known for its literary, artistic and revolutionary heritage. Mukherjee has taken a keen interest in art and design since childhood, and holds a Master of Design from NID, a premiere design Institute in India. He is a biophilic sculp­tor, using elements from nature to create scapes and installations. His early work also includes photo-doc­umentaries and clay models. An apparel designer by profession, he is a winner of Best Collection at Max Design Award (2014) and has worked as a designer at Ed Hardy.

At the age of eight, inspired by his father, Mukherjee made his first plant-scape and developed an interest in “painting” with plants; he would collect and bring home natural pieces with which to create eclectic art. He has recently moved to Vancouver, a city abundant in nature that serves as a muse reflective of his art forms. Mukherjee has started a line of planters and handmade cards called Buno, which means “wild” in Bengali, his mother tongue.

Mukherjee’s key purpose and ideology in creating bio designs is to establish a connection between art and its collector. Having seen much magnificent artistry gathering dust, he prefers to explore a medium wherein a user interacts with the sculpture. He celebrates the importance that plants hold in our lives and hopes to someday open a gallery inside a greenhouse.

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