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Inter/action – Elsa Chesnel – Feb. 10, 2019

The Arts Council of New Westminster presents:

Elsa Chesnel

Artist Talk: Sunday, February 10, 3:00 – 4:00pm

The Gallery at Queen’s Park presents Inter/action: Artist Learning Series. Inter/action is a monthly free public event that facilitates dialogue, practice, and education between the exhibiting artists and members of the community. The programming will be developed and delivered by the artists at The Gallery at Queen’s Park during their exhibition, and will consist of creative events such as artist talks, performance art, theoretical or technical seminars, live drawing/painting, collaborative social practice activities, workshops, or performances. Inter/action: Artist Learning Series encourages the integration of the arts into daily life providing fully hands-on, barrier-free, no-cost art education that promotes intergenerational mentoring opportunities and inclusivity between backgrounds of gender, race, age and ability.

Artist Biography

Self-taught in the visual arts, Elsa Chesnel rejected integrating into a French Art School to concentrate on immigrating to Canada. This decade of apparent setback in her artistic growth came back with a vengeance of darkness and colour, sending her staggering toward abstract artwork. She regained her footing remembering Kandinsky’s reckless curves, experimenting with Sonia Delaunay’s bold colours, and discovering Joan Mitchell’s aggressive softness.

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