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Inter/action – Seth Macbeth – October 14, 2018

The Arts Council of New Westminster presents:

Seth Macbeth

Creative Collage Workshop: Sunday, October 14, 1:00 – 5:00pm

One of the most important lessons Seth Macbeth has learned as an artist is that you have to be brave. When it comes to creativity, many people feel that is it doesn’t come naturally, that they will never possess the skills or talent to create art. To prove this wrong, Seth Macbeth’s Inter/action session will host a Creative Collage Workshop. The workshop runs from 1pm-5pm, for the duration of the gallery hours, and allows gallery visitors of all ages to approach and explore creativity, and makes collages they can be proud of. Anyone can be an artist, and the first step is to be brave!

The Workshop will begin with a short introduction to the elements of design – line, shape, space, and balance – with examples of work. Then will follow three 5-minute exercises that push people to trust their instincts and be brave with their choices. Three 4” x 6” collage cards are created in this time. Using the methods from these exercises, the class will then do three more 5-minute exercises based on different themes. Each person leaves the workshop with six completed works of art, and the courage to take risks and explore creativity!


The Gallery at Queen’s Park presents Inter/action: Artist Learning Series. Inter/action is a monthly free public event that facilitates dialogue, practice, and education between the exhibiting artists and members of the community. The programming will be developed and delivered by the artists at The Gallery at Queen’s Park during their exhibition, and will consist of creative events such as artist talks, performance art, theoretical or technical seminars, live drawing/painting, collaborative social practice activities, workshops, or performances. Inter/action: Artist Learning Series encourages the integration of the arts into daily life providing fully hands-on, barrier-free, no-cost art education that promotes intergenerational mentoring opportunities and inclusivity between backgrounds of gender, race, age and ability.

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