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Massey Theatre/8th & 8th Creative Spaces: Performing Arts Collaborative Creation Residency

Title: Performing Arts Collaborative Creation Residency

Organization: Massey Theatre Society and Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces

Deadline: March 4, 2022

About us:
Massey Theatre Society is a catalyst for a vibrant, expressive community and a stage where any dream is possible. The Massey Theatre has recently expanded our arts and community spaces into the complex surrounding Massey Theatre (Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces: Our focus at Eighth & Eight is on serving artists and our community by offering space as well as resources and support. Artists and communities that do not have a facility to work often face inequity in securing resources for their work. We are looking to change that with Eighth & Eight as we are now working with of over 35,000 square feet of dynamic and creative spaces including the Massey Theatre, Plaskett Gallery, four Multipurpose Studios including a performance studio, dance studio and digital labs. With an expanded facility we are creating new and inclusive opportunities for artistic creation, presentation, development, community engaged and wellness practices, and workshopping. As a part of this expansion, we are launching a new performance series for artists which will take place throughout 2022 and beyond.

Performing artists are often asked to collaborate or perform in mixed bills or showcases with other artists without the resources to contemplate how they might leverage those contexts and perhaps create more developed or expanded new works. For this project we will be choosing four emerging performing artists or small ensembles from a range of performing arts such as music, dance, theatre (including sketch comedy and spoken word) and other staged literary, audio, and visual forms. All performances will take place in our 60-seat performance studio with other studios and spaces to be used during the development phase.

Call for Submissions:
Each project would be asked to leverage their existing short works to create a one-hour performance in a double bill or collaboration with an artist working in a different art form, technique, or tradition. Artists are asked to challenge themselves to create something they might not otherwise without the resources available. This can be done by either by expanding an already existing work by adding design elements to it or with a new cross-disciplinary or cross-cultural work. (Please identify if you will use the funds to engage collaborators to enhance your own work in a double bill or for a new collaborative work).

In addition to fees paid to both artists, we would provide a minimum of two weeks of free studio space to develop and rehearse, access to digital and theatrical equipment as well as tech support and basic training on the equipment (if needed). We would also provide technical and front of house staff for the performance as well as promotional and administrative support. In addition, each artistic group will have access to mentorship from one, or more, of our Artistic Associates.

The Massey Theatre employs a team of Artistic Associates, each responsible for reflecting and advocating distinct yet intersectional programming and engagement lenses in service of relationships with seniors, LQBTQ2+ people, black community members, Indigenous people, and the immigrant diaspora residing in our community.

We welcome applications from all BC performing artists however priority will be given to emerging artists residing in New Westminster, the Tri-Cities, and communities East of Boundary Road as well as well as IBPOC and LGBTQ2+ candidates.

How to Apply:
Please submit a one-page description of your proposed project to Please include your bio and any other pertinent information, including links to video reels, social media, resumes, and any questions. Please also indicate if you are an emerging or established artist. Please include a detailed timeline that corresponds to our timeline below, as well as ideas for collaborators and which of the Artistic Associate(s) (if any) you are interested in connecting with (see below for names and bios of our Artistic Associates).

All projects must also include some community engagement. Please detail all resources you can bring to the project to ensure a successful community engagement plan is achievable. Examples of community engagement might include open studio, public artist talks, workshops, digital engagement or recording untold stories in our digital hub.

Each project will receive $2000 CAD for the creative development stage. Additionally, all projects will receive $1000 CAD if the project results in a performance at Eighth & Eight. An appropriate fee commitment to all collaborators is required. Please identify in your proposal the fees you will pay your collaborator(s).

In addition, we would provide the following:

  • Minimum of two weeks free studio space
  • Access to digital and theatrical equipment as well as tech support and basic training on the equipment (if needed).
  • Technical and front of house staff for the performance
  • Promotional and administrative support
  • Mentorship from one, or more, of our Artistic Associates (see below for list of names and bios)

Timeline of activities:

  • March 4, 2022: Submission deadline
  • April 1, 2022: Artists begin creative development of projects including workshopping and mentoring with Artistic Associates
  • April -June 2022: Performances at Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces

Contact Information:
Contact Name: Fleur Sweetman, Performing Arts Programming Director

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 604-517-5900

To learn more about the Artistic Associates are available to provide mentorship, click here

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