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My Week with Marilyn

My Week with Marilyn PosterMay 28

Starring Michelle Williams as the blond bombshell, this is as mercurial a film as its subject Marilyn Monroe, was a star.

Whatever the flaws, nothing else much matters since Williams is Marilyn, and Marilyn had a way of outshining everything around her. It is magnetic to watch the actress move seamlessly between the many faces of Monroe, the movie star she became, the wounded girl she was growing up.

Capturing those changing moods was challenging. But it is in revealing the complicated enigma of Monroe’s character, the intelligence that was always lurking behind the sexy pouts and poses, the unquenchable need for reassurance, that Williams is divine. The story is a true one, based on the diaries of the late arts documentary filmmaker Colin Clark. Directed by Simon Curtis, a veteran of U.K Films.

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