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“Romance & Roses” – Marney-Rose Edge, May 3 -28th, 2023


The inspiration for this work started with the ribbons. A binding of soft yet strong fabric, bringing and holding everything together. I have used them instead of stems. They create movement and flow through the compositions, expressing beauty and romance in a new way. Roses are the most beautiful flower. Stunning in variety of colours, perfume and the silky, velvety feel of the many petals. A sensory delight. They are alway invited to weddings and anniversaries or as a declaration of love.

My idea is to see romantic experiences like falling in love, an engagement or Valentines day as a way to create conversations about love, romance and beauty. I feel it gets overlooked or is shut away behind closed doors, so often in our busy lives. We need true examples of romance, beauty and love for the next generation.

Remember, these are what we, the human race, stays alive for.” ~ Marney-Rose Edge


Marney-Rose Edge is a Vancouver based artist who paints the fragility in nature. She loves living in New Westminster and has done so since 2003. 

Born in New Zealand she travelled and worked in many countries before making Canada home. Art has become her third career. After spending 25 years in the printing industry as a color expert she moved into the high tech industry working for the Kodak Graphic Communications group. This career used her expertise gained in the printing industry. She had always been creative and she found her passion in painting. Becoming an entrepreneur was a natural transition during an economic downturn and she turned her passion into a business.

It is her true mastery that makes her paintings come alive. Although Edge is well known for her watercolours, acrylics and oils have become an important part of her creative process. Her subject matter over the years has included florals, nests, seascapes, animals, and landscapes, choosing the medium based on the subject. Edge is a natural teacher, sharing her extensive knowledge with students across the country. She was chosen as one of the elite instructors for the symposium in Calgary with the CSPWC. 

Marney-Rose has appeared on the cover of International Artist Magazine, with a 10 page feature article. Her work has been featured in the highly-acclaimed series of Splash books, the Best of Watercolour and AcrylicWorks, The Best of Acrylics, as well as receiving many other awards. In 2020 she was featured on a Toronto television program, Stella’s Studio and recently featured on an episode of Opus’ podcast, Conversations with Nature – Art in the Garden 

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