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Royal City Farmers Market / BC Farmers Market Association Pop Up Exhibition – “Farmers Markets” – March 4, 2017

The Arts Council of New Westminster presents

a pop-up group exhibition in partnership with
Royal City Farmers Market and the
BC Farmers Market Association

“Farmers Market”
Featuring: Dorothy Doherty, Tannis Hopkins, Seth Macbeth, Valerie Wheater

Saturday March 4, 2017 11-3pm
at the Royal City Farmer’s Market – Belmont Street, New Westminster

PLEASE NOTE: This public exhibition will be weather dependent
Free admission


About the Artists:

Dorothy Doherty

Dorothy Doherty received her art education from Vancouver School of Art (currently Emily Carr University of Art & Design) and Capilano University. She holds an MA in History in Art (University of Victoria) and a PDP (Simon Fraser University). She is a life-long resident of British Columbia, Canada, spending the majority of her life in and around Vancouver, BC. She sublets a painting studio in Vancouver, and works with ceramics at the Shadbolt Art Centre in Burnaby, BC.

Dorothy is particularly concerned with the effect that humans have on the natural environment, to the extent that many life forms no longer exist. Her work straddles the line between abstraction and realism. It examines a variety of issues, including urban decay, global issues and, ironically, the beauty of the world around us – whether in the form of man-made structures or the mysteries of nature, or the gentle touch of humanity in the urban and rural garden.

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Tannis Hopkins

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba but grew up in Montreal, Quebec. Moved to Vancouver, BC in the 1980s to connect with family origins (Hopkins Landing, Sunshine Coast). Currently living in Burnaby with husband, two cats and a kitchen jammed with cookbooks, ingredients and utensils of all kinds. Paint­ing in an East Vancouver studio at 1000 Parker Street.

I first discovered my love of creating artwork under the encouragement of my Father who was also a fine artist. While studying Fine Art at college and university in Montreal and Toronto, I confirmed my affinity for painting. Paint­ing is an act of joy for me – but it takes effort, discipline and the right frame of mind. I have admired the Impressionists, Fauvists and Group of Seven for years and think of them as my mentors. In my work, I try to capture subjects with broad, gestural and fluid strokes and vivid, natural colours. I especially appreciate the fluid, sensuous, buttery qualities of oils. For me, painting is about feeling, sensing and letting things flow. It’s about creating imagery that engages, stirs the senses and resonates. I love strong graphic compositions and work from observations, memories and imagery gathered over the years.

After graduating, I pursued a career in advertising and design working with structured expectations and communication objectives. Over the years, more and more I found myself using my passion for cook­ing and different world cuisines as a creative outlet. It was easier to find time to pick up a wooden spoon than a paintbrush. Whenever I travelled, food and local markets were a big draw; there is such diversity and beauty in the gastronomic world. My family has always been very ‘food-centric’ and my Mother was an adventurous cook for her generation – she loved to throw dinner parties. I followed in her footsteps and found myself cooking and exploring different world cuisines as a creative outlet. A few years ago I had an epiphany – that I could combine my two passions. I wanted to reawaken the fine artist in me and the thought of painting the incredible world of food culture was a thrilling prospect. I have been working on a body of work around this for the past six years. I hope to help people recognize and appreciate how much food is part of our love of life, and how it defines our cultures and brings us together.

As I continue to seek growth and evolution in my work I have been exploring other subjects drawn from compelling life observations and experiences, focusing on the importance of confident mark making, and emotionally engaged work. I have been doing some work in acrylic in addition to my oils, sometimes combining the best of both by under-painting in acrylic and finishing in oil.

Nothings gives me more pleasure than when a kindred spirit finds my work makes touches them, makes them smile or feel something warm and familiar.
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Seth Macbeth

It’s important to love what you do, especially when it’s something creative. Putting a part of yourself into your creations is what makes them valuable. I dedicate time, knowledge and heart to every piece, and the things I create reflect my passions as well as my skills. It’s taken over twenty years of education and exploration to fine-tune my artistry, and I want everything I create to proudly reflect that.

My aim is to tell stories, in many forms and mediums. Stories are what make up our history, our lives. When someone views my work, I want them to hear the story I’m telling, but to also begin a tale of their own, with their own experiences leading their interpretation.

I begin with a concept, or a feeling. An emotion that is driving me to speak and from there I flick through all my books tearing out images that speak to me. From there I begin to hand-cut all of them out, and weave them together on the page until a balanced image is formed. I never know what the final piece will look like until the end, but I will always remember the way I was feeling when I made it.

About the Work
The pieces I have submitted for the Farmer’s Market exhibition were created with the vendors in mind. I wanted to represent the artisans, farmers, and people behind the items we purchase.

Each piece hones in on a specific area of food production, and represents the dedication and passion each has for their trade. The words were chosen with their specialty in mind, and to give a sense of conversation with the viewer and the piece, as if with a vendor over their market stall.

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Valerie Wheater

I enjoy painting those things in life that I am passionate about…animals, beautiful gardens and images from my travels. I primarily paint in water colour on paper but I am keen to learn more about acrylics and working on canvases.

I started water colour painting 10 years after meeting my instructor at a local art show and sale. I continue to attend classes weekly and now that I am retired I can dedicate more time to painting at home as well.

She convinced me that I should give it a try, even though I told her I couldn’t draw to save my soul. I have learned so much since then, and continue to learn with each piece. This is a never ending journey!

Last June I participated in my first exhibition with my instructor and many of her other students. We were delighted at the success of the day and a half show and the wonderful feedback from those that attended and purchased.

I am excited to be participating in the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Studio Art Tour in May 2017 where I will have a chance to showcase my artwork with the many other talented artists in this community.

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