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The Compassion Project: Dance to the End of Love

Hi, I’m Celeste Snowber, and I want to invite your participation in a community art project by the New West Hospice Society and the Arts Council of New Westminster, with programming support from the New Media Gallery (NMG Lab).

Let’s consider the loss and grief and recognize the uncertainty that people have faced during this pandemic. You are invited to bring an embodied expression to these times including passion, whimsy or joy to New Westminster; to draw the community out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Between now and February 2022, I encourage you to film a short video (up to a minute) of yourself engaged in creative movement that can be posted to Instagram.

Include the tags #DanceToTheEndofLove along with @newwesthospice, @newmediagallery, @nmglab, & @artscouncilNW. Be sure to tag one friend as well.

In the Spring of 2022, we’re going to edit the submissions into a longer presentation accompanied by some exciting programming.

More details on our website here

Upcoming Community Workshops

Image Credit: Michelle Mateus

Dr Celeste Snowber – October 12, 2021 – 7:00pm
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Workshop Description

This workshop will discover the knowledge we hold in our bodies and how movement/dance can be a playful and profound way to express the landscapes both within and outside. There will be time for a movement warm-up, skills to create dance with voice and the poetic and how to pragmatically listen to the body as a source for creation.  Opening up the possibilities of dancing in place, whether it is site-specific in the natural world, in the kitchen, or in a park will be explored as a way to create movement in place. There will be time for the pragmatics of what it means to film ourselves even with just your phone, and dance like no one is watching, and yet be conscious of creating a one-minute video.  This workshop is for anyone, with our without dance/movement experience and yearns to deepen and grown their expressivity.

About Dr Celeste Snowber

Celeste Nazeli Snowber, PhD is dancer, poet, writer and award-winning educator who is a Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University.  Celeste interweaves multidisciplinary forms in her performances and published works and attention to embodied ways of inquiry has been central to Snowber’s scholarly and artistic work for over two decades. She is the author of Embodied inquiry: Writing, living and being through the body as well as three collections of poetry. She creates site-specific performances of dance and poetry in the natural world and can be found at

Chris Jung – October 19, 2021 – 7:00pm
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Workshop Description

Learn how to produce creative and meaningful videos using a smart phone. This workshop will cover how to use camera angles, video editing techniques and lighting to convey emotion and tell a story. We will look at the techniques used by filmmakers and see how they can be translated to your smart phone. This course is suitable for beginners without any prior video production experience however the course requires access to a smartphone with the ability to capture audio and video. We will cover how to use both Apple and Android devices in this workshop.  

About Chris Jung

Chris Jung is artist who works in new media and paint with a background in computers and engineering. Chris received his Masters of Applied Arts from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2016. His practice explores material hybridity and cultural hybridity in relation to post-colonialism and cultural diaspora. Chris runs the NMG Lab for New Media Gallery, developing workshops, residencies and other programming for the public, artists, schools and universities.

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