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The Gallery at Queen’s Park: “A World of One’s Own” 

A sculptural depiction of mountains made out of melting candles surround a bright blue lake, a deer stands at the edge of the lake drinking water.

New West Secondary School – “A World of One’s Own” 
Exhibition Dates: June 5 – 23rd, 2024
Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 10:00am – 2:00pm

Exhibition Statement

The 2024 Graduating Students of New Westminster have come together to showcase and celebrate their finest works of art with the New Westminster community before they set out to forge their own path. Presenting a diverse collection of mediums, formats and materials – students have created paintings, photographs, drawings, sculptures and other mediums to share their unique take on life and the teenage perspective. These artists are excited to launch themselves into the big world and land in a way that honours their hard work and creativity.

Congratulations Grad Class of 2024! 

Visit the Gallery at Queen’s Park to see this exhibit!

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