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Uptown Unplugged – Angie Faith – June 30th, 2019 – Royal City Centre

Music has been a part of Angie’s journey since the very beginning. Angie’s parents proudly proclaim that she belted out notes far before she could speak. Through writing songs and melodies, she discovered that her voice has proven to be as strong as her passion for music. Every piece that Angie writes holds a piece of her heart. Her vision has become clear now that she has grown into who she is as a woman and as an artist. Angie’s goals are simple: she wants to inspire and connect with her audience, and allow them to feel something deep in their souls. The music that she creates conveys her previous moments, feelings, and emotions that heal and speak to her audience. It’s like putting the pieces of a puzzle together, except that puzzle has no refined edges nor proper place; Angie is never certain how it will turn out but she allows herself to release it anyway. She enjoys letting creativity flow from herself and allowing something beautiful to create itself. She has been strumming her guitar since she was a young teenager and have written music most of her life. She is an expressive person and she wholeheartedly enjoys the process of songwriting. Angie’s music pours out of her effortlessly, and singing soothes her soul. Music is not just a fragment of her career; it is her identity. Angie is so grateful that she has the ability to share her gifts and do what she loves to make her living. She is also extremely thankful for the support from her friends, family, and her fans that have been by her side throughout the years. They have and will always believe in Angie, which is a gift in so many ways. Angie looks forward to everything that the future holds for her life, and her career in the music industry.

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