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Uptown Unplugged – Corvin Mack – August 10, 2019 @ New West Public Library

Corvin Mack is a Canadian born musician of the Wit’set tribe who was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. He grew up going to concerts while he was still in diapers and grew to fall in love with music of all genres, taking a particular liking to various forms of rock and folk music. He started playing guitar in highschool and after some time, fell into singing. Now he spends his time writing songs both for himself, and as a collaborative effort in his alternative rock band SQWATR, which has flavours of funk, grunge, and jazz incorporated into a lively rock sound as a result in the harmony between him and his bandmates Gabe Diaz, Glenn Sylvester, Brett Selinger and John “JD” David .

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