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Uptown Unplugged – Knotty Dotters – August 17, 2019 @ Westminster Centre

The Knotty Dotters plays lively, joyful and highly danceable marimba music, based on traditional and modern Zimbabwean songs with a West Coast Flair. A multigeneration, all-woman band of 7 musicians playing beautifully unique hand-crafted marimbas and mbiras, along with hoshos, percussion, singing, and sometimes even a little gumboot dance or two. They’ve been performing at festivals, community events, celebrations and gatherings for over 15 years, with their impressive instruments – the largest being over 6 ft long, over 4 feet tall, and with nearly 3 foot long keys. Audiences of all ages are drawn to this fun music, and find the urge to dance and move to the polyrhythmic sound irresistible!

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