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Wade Comer – “Time Passages” – Aug 4-29,2021

The Gallery at Queen’s Park presents:

“Time Passages”
by Wade Comer

Exhibition Dates: August 4 – 29, 2021
Gallery Hours: Wed – Sun, 10am – 2pm

Medium: Photography.

Free Admission

Exhibition Statement

“Time Passages” is a continuing series of long-exposure photos. Using the technique of long-exposure photography from within, or upon moving vehicles, Time Passages relinquishes control of some of the aspects of photography, allowing chance to have an effect upon the outcome. Leaving the shutter open – often for up to sixteen minutes – turns the camera into a paintbrush, capturing blocks of time within a single photograph. The images created are beyond the anticipation of the artist’s pre–visualization, and beyond explanation in their finality. Equivalent to the superimposition of a hundred parallax views within a single photograph, the images are both reductive, and additive, removing detail while adding texture.

The Finding and the Making
Putting chance in a priority role led me to thinking differently about both the technical and creative processes of photography. If the photographer Saul Leiter is correct, that photography is the finding of things, and painting is the making of things, then Time Passages resides somewhere in between; merging the finding with the making, using a traditional photographic technique in a new way, and getting me back to being more in touch with my craft, and my surroundings.

Wade Comer is a Vancouver-based visual artist. A photographer for nearly thirty years, his work investigates two main concepts: how we see, and humanity’s effect on our environment.

In: @wadecomerphoto
Tw: @wade_comer

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