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Why Lit Fest?

Did you know that many award winning writers and poets reside in New West? Think Annabel Lyons, JJ Lee, Candice James to name but a few. This and many emerging talent make us a creative hub of the written word.

Creative Writing
Creative Writing Workshop at the 2011 Lit Fest

Come and join the celebration and meet many a bard. Lit Fest will:

  • showcase the works produced by New West writers, illustrators, publishers
  • invite guest speakers on various topics related to writing and producing  books
  • provide an exhibition area where writers, publishers and printers can exhibit
  • make the public aware of the work that is being done in our neighbourhoods
  • encourage the public in New Westminster to consider writing as an art form or career
  • make new writers aware of the facilities that are available to them
  • encourage a general interest in books and reading, which in turn will help promote the arts in general in the community

Clearly this is a fest not to be missed!

 For more information and registration details…

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