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CALL FOR PROPOSALS – The Gallery at Queen’s Park – Artist in Residence 2020

At the Arts Council of New Westminster, we live and work on the unceded, traditional territories of the Coast Salish peoples of the QayQayt (qiqéyt) Nation as well as all Coast Salish Nations.



The Arts Council of New Westminster aims to have an Artist-in-Residence program that feature a variety of disciplines by a wide range of artists from New Westminster. The Artist-In-Residence program aims to reflect both the cultural and artistic diversity of contemporary art and to serve as an educational forum for the citizens of New Westminster and surrounding communities. This program is open to applications from both established and emerging artists living and/or working in New Westminster. For clarity: this is an artist development program, you do not need to be an established artist. This is a opportunity to develop as an artist, and no previous experience is expected.

The Arts Council wishes to highlight how diverse our community is, and in order to break down any exclusionary barriers and create a platform for marginalized voices, artists on the LGBTQ spectrum, non-binary artists, artists of colour, Indigenous artists, and disabled artists, are strongly encouraged to submit.

Submissions will be received up to 4:00pm on Friday January 31, 2020


The ACNW operates a picturesque gallery in the Centennial Lodge, Queen’s Park known as The Gallery at Queen’s Park, which features a wide range of visual arts by local and emerging artists in exhibitions which change monthly.

The ACNW is seeking to provide New Westminster artists and local not-for-profit arts organizations the opportunity to use the Lower Studio space in The Gallery at Queen’s Park free of charge in exchange for a weekly public programming event (2 hours) that engages the community. Collaborations between artists and community groups are welcome.

Selected eligible artists and organizations will have 24-hour non-exclusive access to the Lower Studio space. All successful applicants will be required to be members of the Arts Council of New Westminster.

As a community gallery, the gallery’s opening hours are maintained by volunteer staff, therefore the Artist-in-Residence will be expected to work collaboratively within the operations of the Gallery for the duration of their residency.


  • To apply to this Call, you are not required to be a member of the Arts Council of New Westminster.
  • To be considered for this program, you must live and/or work in New Westminster.
  • To be in-residence, you must be a current member of the Arts Council of New Westminster at the time of your residency.
  • Artists whose work has already been exhibited in the gallery are invited to apply, allowing a 3-year interim between applications.


  • The Council does not charge for artist-in-residence program, nor does it pay an artist to participate.
  • The Gallery at Queen’s Park will pay an honorarium of $75 for public programming during the residency.

How to Apply:

The Gallery Exhibition Selection Committee (GESC) will meet in February to consider applications for the following year. A well-prepared proposal helps in the selection.

To be considered at the next GESC meeting, please submit a completed Application Form (found in the PDF package below):

  • Applicant’s Background:
    For Individual Artists: Artistic practice and objectives with short biography and/or professional artist CV
    For Arts Organizations: Organization history including mission statement, years of operation and a brief description of the organization’s current programs and services
  • Public Programming description:
    What the project is about, your plan for public programming in the space (readings, publications, book or zine launches, performances, film screenings, pop-up events, artist talks, performance art, theoretical or technical seminar, live drawing/painting, social practice, workshops, classes, community meetings etc.), and how it will engage/benefit the community
  • Your requested start date and occupancy period/time frame of use of the Lower Studio
  • Any proposed collaboration with other artists or groups, if applicable
  • Contact information (name, mailing address, phone number, email, website)
  • Please indicate If you are currently an ACNW member

Please include all written material as PDF files and submit via email to with The Gallery at Queen’s Park – Artists in Residence in the subject line. Please ensure that attachments total less than 5MB.

Deadlines for submission is 4:00pm on January 31, 2020. Proposals received by January 31, 2020 will be reviewed with preliminary decisions announced by February 28, 2020. Following that time, proposals will be accepted and reviewed on a first come, first serve basis. All submissions will be juried by a panel of professional artists, educators, and administrators. Please note: All successful applicants will be required to be members of the Arts Council of New Westminster.

The Selection Process:

The GESC will meet in February 2020 to consider all applications received. All applications will receive a reply by email, stating whether the work has been accepted.  If your application has been successful, you will be contacted by telephone, a term length for residency will be confirmed, and a contract will be sent to you. This contract will outline your responsibilities and providing other details and dates.  A signed contract is required before the residency can proceed.

Application Tips:

  • Be sure that all documents include your name, complete contact information; phone number, email address, website and postal code.
  • Email submissions are preferred. For physical submissions, please phone the gallery at 604-525-3244 for equitable access procedures.
  • DO NOT send composite images or prepared slideshows
  • Please test all documents on a PC computer to ensure compatibility

Submit your application via email to:

Estimated Timeline:

December 1, 2019
January 31, 2020 
Early February
Late February
Early March
March 15th, 2020 & onward

Call to Proposals Launched
Deadline to submit
Gallery Exhibition Selection Committee meets
Artists contacted
Residency dates confirmed, contracts signed and returned
Residency/Public Programming begins

All enquiries should be directed to:
Stephen O’Shea, Executive Director
Phone: 604 525 3244

For more information about The Gallery at Queen’s Park, visit

To download a copy of this Call and Application Form in PDF format, click here

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