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Artist Doug DavidThe Arts Council presents the exhibition: “Divergence” by Artist Doug David
April 1-26, 1 to 5 (closed Mondays)
Informal Artist’s Reception: Sunday, April 6, 2 – 4pm, all are welcome

Doug began painting as a young adult when he took a night school course in oil painting. That led to further group instruction from a professional artist. At the time he also finished an education degree at the University of BC and was able to work in a number of studio courses through the faculty.

While at UBC he was fortunate to include Gordon Smith as one of his instructors among the excellent teachers in the program. He exhibited his work at the McEwan Art Gallery. Doug has continued to take painting workshops over the years at the Gibson’s Summer School of the Arts, and through the Federation of Canadian Artists, and has recently exhibited in the Terry Fox Library in Port Coquitlam.

A recent move to abstraction in his paintings expresses his desire to depart from earlier representational work. The paintings show his feelings about colour and shape, and much of the work reflects experimentation.

Most of my current work is depicted in the two ways. In one I use rectangles and expressive colour and for the most part, I try not to repeat an effect or relationship between shapes used in previous work. I often use black gesso because the effect on colour when it is applied to the dark surface is quite different from the effect when lighter canvas is used, especially if the paint has a transparent quality.”

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