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FLORIOGRAPHY, the silent language of flowers

Grazyna WolskiThe Arts Council presents the exhibition: “FLORIOGRAPHY, the silent language of flowers” by Artist Grazyna Wolski
March 4 – 29,  1 to 5 (closed Mondays)
Opening Reception: March 9th 2 – 4pm, all are welcome

Artist Statement
Art, I believe is spiritual in nature. It gives voice to my soul, it is healing and therapeutic.

Creative process, enthused by the endless beauty of nature – her flawlessness, yet imperfection – reminds me of my own journey, forever developing and unpredictable, yet also miraculous.

I feel a deep emotional connection with flowers; they are my infinite source of inspiration standing as a metaphor for how I feel about life and people.

I paint them to tell stories, evoke memories, bring joy and to please the senses of the viewer.”

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