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Fiona Tang – “Charcoal Gone Wild” – April 5-30, 2017

The Arts Council of New Westminster presents:

“Charcoal Gone Wild”
by Richmond artist Fiona Tang

Exhibition Dates: April 5-30, 2017. Free Admission.
Opening Reception: Wednesday, April 5, 6-8pm
The artist will be in attendance on the weekends.

Artist Bio

Fiona Tang is a Vancouver-based artist who completed her BFA at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in May 2014 with a Drawing Major. Tang often works with charcoal, chalk pastel and acrylic in the style of trompe l’oeil. She frequently uses animals as her subjects and creates large expressive drawings. Her animal drawings are typically life-size or larger to emphasize the interaction of viewers to her art. Tang has had solo and group shows at the Queen’s Park Gallery, Concourse Gallery, Ayden Gallery, Richmond Art Gallery, The Fall, Anvil Centre, Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Wood Innovation and Design Centre, and City Centre Community Centre. She was also featured in a public art project called “No. 3 Road Art Columns” in Richmond, BC.

Artist Statement   

Through my large scale drawings, my hope is to minimize the distance between humans and animals. I want the viewers to engage with my work emotionally and/or physically and be overwhelmed with a sense of vulnerability and wonder by the sheer size. Through interacting with these animals, the audience is made aware of their existence and I hope to reverse the passive relationship between the viewer and artwork. The subjects are chosen with a strong urge to translate them onto paper and usually reflect what I am experiencing in my personal life at the time of execution. The animals help to represent abstracted forms of battles, struggles, or successes in my life. I retain the raw beauty in their forms, the energy, and the story behind the animal to my fullest capability through research. My subject and I truly become one through the act of drawing and my feelings are translated through the intense gestural mark makings and the use of trompe l’oeil.

April 2017-Fiona Tang

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