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Last Chance to see Leslie Poole’s exhibition at the Plaskett Gallery

This is your last chance to see Canadian Artist Leslie Poole’s “Landscape Portraits”!

The artist will be hosting a Meet & Greet at the Plaskett Gallery tomorrow, November 28, from 1:30pm – 3:00pm.

New West artist Leslie Poole, whose work has spanned four decades, invites you to explore the solace and tension found in the land. Through the lens of the evolving artistic journey, this collection delves into the interplay between nature, humanity, and the art of painting itself.

Experience the transformation as distant landscapes evolve into intimate portrayals of the earth’s essence. Delve into the intricate dance between memory, observation, and the evocative language of paint, as they examine the connection between us and the world we inhabit.

“Landscape Portraits” not only captures the essence of the land but also highlights the intimate relationship between nature and the human experience.

Visit the Plaskett Gallery for an immersive exploration that bridges the gap between perception and reality, inviting you to consider the profound connections that unite us with the earth.

The exhibition ends Friday, December 1.

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